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Backflip a Day for a Year Is Pretty Mesmerizing

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By Cooper Fleishman on January 25, 2012

YouTuber thetrollmasterflex’s dad bet him $100 that he couldn’t do a backflip every day for an entire year. Fortunately for us, thetrollmasterflex (real name: Sam) accepted this shitty deal and recorded each one.

First of all, come on. Only a hundred dollars? That’s $0.27 per flip. Considering this dude could’ve broken his neck a couple times, he should’ve at least asked for a cool grand or enough to cover the co-pay on spinal surgery. But he won the bet, and winning bets with your parents is always cool.

Second of all, Dad, that bet sucks. Everyone knows that when you tell a kid not to do something — smoke, eat this mouth-destroying chili pepper, masturbate — that’s all he does for a year. Unless, of course, the bet was a masterful use of reverse psychology, in which case Dad succeeded in stopping Sam from smoking and masturbating in his room every single day.

No, you dicks who actually counted, these are not all the flips. To see every single one, go to Sam’s Tumblr, which contains more backflips than the human brain can comprehend. (One YouTuber’s astute observation: “backflips have lost all meaning.”)

His next goal is to do a flip on every continent. I suppose we should look out for the Kickstarter campaign.

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