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This True Story of a Boy and His Lost Stuffed Monkey Will Leave You in Tears

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By Cooper Fleishman on September 6, 2012

It’s a real-life Toy Story: A boy who lost his beloved stuffed monkey, Ah-ah, on a family vacation 500 miles away gets reunited with him three years later — thanks to an impossibly lucky bid on eBay.

For years, Ah-ah wasn’t just a toy — he was the boy’s closest friend, and the family was devastated when Ah-ah went missing during a camping trip to the Rocky Mountains. While everyone else gave up trying to find him, the boy’s mom never did. Randomly, while surfing eBay, she searched for a blue monkey stuffed animal, and found one that looked enough like Ah-ah it might make a good replacement.

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Imagine her surprise when she saw the cut-off tag and dryer-burnt hair of her son’s missing best friend. It’s hard not to cry along with them.

Here Ah-ah is on eBay. The seller operates a store called Lost Loves Toy Chest that reunites lost toys with their owners.

The best part: As the boy holds Ah-ah and his mom explains how he came back, he tells her, crying, “We shouldn’t have had to pay for him.”

UPDATE: We spoke to the boy’s dad, who explains that his son is a little embarrassed about all the press. “We’d like to turn all this positive attention into something good,” he says, and asks that you donate to MyCharityWater.org if you’re as touched by the story as we are.

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