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What’s Hard About Getting a Kiss on New Year’s Eve?


By Monica Gray
January 4, 2011 at 11:27 am

Every week, HV Man-On-the-Street Czar Monica Gray asks folks all over Washington, “What’s Hard About It?,” trying to help solve our nation’s problems. This week’s installment took the DC resident to New York City for a special NYE edition. Click here to see what else she’s tackled so far.

Everyone knows getting kissed at the start of the new year brings luck…but is it luck in love or lust?

Whatever the reason, this well sought-after tradition is not easy for everyone (yes, even in 2011). So while ringing in the New Year, I asked hipstahs and hotties on the streets of Brooklyn: What’s hard about getting a kiss on New Year’s Eve? Check it out right heeea.

What do you think is hard about getting a kiss on New Year’s Eve? Weigh in below.



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