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Watch a Tiger Give Birth, Courtesy of National Geographic

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By HVculture on April 11, 2011

“I’m hoping she’ll be so engrossed in the birth that she won’t worry about me,” says John Varty, of National Geographic’s Expedition Week special Tiger Man of Africa: The Mating Game.

Thus begins the nearly three minutes of graphic Tiger birthing footage you’ll probably see all day.

Varty, who owns a tiger reserve in South Africa, basically spends the entire three minutes rolling the dice on a hormonal tiger not eating him. It’s hard to fathom that productions which treat wild animals like porno stars, hosted by experts who would conveniently forget about Steve Irwin, don’t have video cameras with long lenses attached to stay out of harms way.

Perhaps, if Varty wasn’t getting up close to the tiger this would just be less interesting or bloggable? Whatever the case, watching something being born into this world is kind of gross. Not really as miraculous as they bill it.

As an aside, yes, it did occur to the editors at Hypervocal that this would be really special if Charlie Sheen was hosting instead of Varty. Can somebody at NatGeo make that happen? Are you telling us you wouldn’t be slightly curious to see a zonked out Sheen hosting some sort of wild animal show where he wrestles with crocodiles and delivers tiger babies in birth?

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