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[VIDEO] Will Prince Charles Break Out These Sweet Breakdancing Moves at Royal Wedding?

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By HVculture on April 28, 2011

It’s hard to guess how the Royal Wedding will unfold on Friday, whether Prince Harry will show up decked out in Nazi regalia, whether Kate will actually say yes, or whether there will be some touching memorial to the late Princess Diana (probably two out of the three).

But judging from this video of Prince Charles breakdancing in the 1980s, which is at once hilarious and cringe-inducing, it’s a safe bet that the betrothed coupled will only allow him on the dance floor if he’s good and snookered. It’s almost shocking that a white, British prince looks this stiff on the dance floor.

It’s as if he loaded up his entire body with Viagra.

Let’s applaud his effort, though! A lesser prince would probably just have these guys beheaded for making him breakdance and then have all traces of the video scrubbed from the Internet.

Here’s to hoping Prince Charles pops-and-locks at the big event.

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