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[VIDEO] So, Surprising Your Kids with Trip to Disney World Doesn’t Always Work

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By HVvids on October 21, 2011

Surprising your kids with a trip to Disney is a time-honored tradition. Filming your kids’ reactions to that surprise in order to showcase their cuteness on YouTube is not.

Parents are turning more and more to the “reaction” genre of child exhibitionism. Sometimes it’s wildly successful, the kid is happy, and the YouTube count skyrockets. Like Lily here: pleased as punch. Other times, it doesn’t go nearly as well. In this instance, you likely only have yourself to blame. Should you not have played up Chattanooga too much before the Disney World bait-and-switch? Probably.

Mickey Mouse is no match for the city with the cool-sounding name.

But here’s the real question: Would you be surprised if this turned out to be a guerrilla ad campaign by the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce? Nah. And if so, well done!

(via WDEF via The Daily What)

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