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VIDEO: Play Russian Roulette With Your Facebook Life

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By HVculture on May 13, 2011

The intensity of Russian Roulette has made for great drama in movies over the years. Whether it’s the memorable Christopher Walken scene in The Deer Hunter or the gripping, black-and-white suspense of 13 Tzameti, there’s something undeniably dramatic about people who gamble with their lives.

No sane person would ever play Russian Roulette, but would you consider playing for the rights to your Facebook life? It’s not quite as dramatic gambling with a Facebook profile, because, like video games, one could always hit the reset button and just sign up for a new profile if their lost their original.

But that’s the central conceit for this kind of clever and cool concept ad for a fake Russian vodka from students Ilya Malyonov and Christian Feist. Sure, the ad is a little obnoxiously kitschy with the heavy Russian accents and the “Hava Nagila” but it certainly begs the question: would you gamble with your Facebook profile if the stakes were high enough — assuming of course you could never sign up for another profile?

Gambling with your fake life is so much better than gambling with your real one.

(via animalny)

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