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VIDEO: Gearbox Gets Great Publicity With Video Game Wedding Proposal

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By HVculture on April 25, 2011

Usually, you don’t imagine that your marriage proposal will contain a smart-aleck robot or references to herpes. But then, you are probably not Ben or Tora, or as she says, “a little inappropriate.”

The now-engaged couple are huge fans of the Gearbox game Borderlands. In fact, it was their mutual love of gaming that brought them closer together. Incredibly, when it came time to propose, Ben enlisted the software company’s help to create a proposal video featuring the robot character Claptrap.

Kotaku got the inside scoop on the actual proposal:

To Ben’s surprise, Gearbox said yes. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford himself got involved, Ben said. “He was one of the biggest pushers of the idea, saying ‘We really need to do something on this,'” said Ben, who met Pitchford a couple of times when he visited the Gearbox office to work on the video.

“Adam Fletcher, he’s the one who contacted me originally and was working on this video left and right,” Ben said. “I really have to thank him. Chris Faylor, also, he did a lot of work to build the video.”

With the proposal shot and ready to go, Ben needed a cover story for getting Tora and 50 friends together without tipping off he was popping the question. His birthday is coming up, so that was ostensibly the purpose of last night’s party. And as for the video, “I told everyone I would be showing the trailer for Borderlands II.”

It ended up being a more exclusive reveal than that.

Not surprisingly, Tora said yes, even if she was a bit miffed that Ben got to go to Gearbox studios in nearby Dallas-Fort Worth. Luckily, the duo was invited back as a newly engaged couple, and the Gearbox team has been invited to the wedding.

All companies should take note of this. Sure, Gearbox could have said “no.” And most people are still waiting for the release of Duke Nukem Forever, which isn’t winning the company any favors. But how many people just watched this act of company goodwill and changed their tune about Gearbox? Hopefully plenty. Because that was mighty cool of them.

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