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The Best Plate Appearance in Baseball History

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By HVsports on August 16, 2011

There have been millions of plate appearances in Major League Baseball history. So on a certain level it’s difficult to quantify whether or not the thrilling match-up between Marlins reliever Jose Ceda and Giants relief pitcher Santiago Casilla, in his first (and hopefully only) MLB plate appearance, is the “worst ever.”

But it’s pretty comical nonetheless. Baseball Nation’s Jeff Sullivan thoroughly breaks down why this at bat is so terrible, but the gist is that Casilla was given explicit instructions from manager Bruce Bochy to not swing. So Casilla set up shop with enough room between himself and the plate to park an Escalade.

All Ceda had to do was lob three strikes over the plate. Instead…well, just watch.

As Sullivan notes: “Now, it’s one thing to bat with no intention of swinging. If the catcher and pitcher don’t know you have no intention of swinging, they’ll attack you like usual. But Casilla didn’t even try to hide his approach. Casilla batted with no intention of batting, and made it abundantly clear that he was content to stand there and look around at things while the pitcher and catcher went about their business. Jose Ceda, a major league pitcher, walked Casilla on four pitches. The guy with the least interest in reaching base ever reached base, because the guy on the mound couldn’t throw three uncontested strikes. He couldn’t throw one.”

It really would have been something if Casilla got plunked, no?

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