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Stanford, Eh?

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By HVvids on October 27, 2011

Before you click play on this six-second video, ask yourself an important question: Do I want to see some college kid fail so miserably at jumping onto a high cafeteria table and come down hard enough to make me wonder whether he’s paralyzed, or do I want to just click back to the main HV page?

Make your decision. If you’re ready to proceed, know you’ve been warned:

Ffffffffffuck, man. Sure, there’s something darkly humorous about the Darwin Awards and accidents that people bring onto themselves. But there’s also a natural sense of empathy for this thrill-seeker, whether he’s seriously injured or even just fugged up for a day or two. Maybe it’s just that a bad decision is a bad decision, but you still aren’t supposed to root for negative outcomes.

Either way: ouch. Hope he’s okay.

(via Reddit)

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