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Sir David Attenborough’s “What a Wonderful World”

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By HVvids on December 12, 2011

And I think to myself…what a wonderful world.

Great Britain is suffering through several crises: an economic crisis, a debt crisis, a pension crisis, a leadership crisis, a society-in-decline crisis, a national football crisis, and now that the Frozen Planet series is over and Sir David Attenborough has voiced to his final BBC program, a narration crisis.

To honor the 85-year-old national treasure who just concluded narrating his final series on the BBC, a UK ad agency has mashed up footage from his BBC shows with his spoken-word recording of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.” If this doesn’t give you the goose pimples, consult your physician.

I Believe in Advertising has more on Attenborough’s chilling, thrilling mash-up:

RKCR/Y&R has created a trail paying homage to David Attenborough’s final appearance on the BBC. The 2 minute spot, which was released last night after the final episode of Frozen Planet, shows clips of wildlife footage voiced over by Attenborough saying the lyrics to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”. The challenge was to create a trail that explicitly showcased the phenomenal content the BBC has brought, and will continue to bring, the nation and to implicitly pay homage to the legend that is Sir David Attenborough.

For we yankee folk, Frozen Planet — the seven-part series recently concluded over in Britain — will thankfully make its American debut on the Discovery Channel on March 12th.

If the UK government wants to raise enough money to close its annual budget shortfall, offer up Attenborough’s skills to narrate old home videos, family montages and more. Surely someone would pay millions to have Sir David say “And this is when Little Johnny tripped and fell in the second grade.”

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