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News Blooper: Two CT Teachers Investigated for…Hold On, Reporter Thinks She’s “Stupid”

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By HVmedia on May 23, 2011

Two teachers at Clinton Avenue Elementary in New Haven, Connecticut are being investigated for…

…for what, News8’s Erica Grow? FOR WHAT? We may never know.

The interesting part of that blooper is that it doesn’t appear to have happened live. Someone in the control room must have fed the wrong tape, or the producers hit the wrong button.

Grow, seemingly, did nothing wrong.

In case you were wondering, here’s the story from WTNH: “Two teachers at New Haven’s Clinton Avenue School have been put on leave after allegations of child abuse. A teacher is accused of sending disruptive first graders to the gym teacher who made the students hold ten pound weights.”

This doesn’t rank up there with “Keep fucking that chicken” or “Soy jism” or the gay/blind mountain climber, but news bloopers never fail to entertain the masses.

(via SayOMG)

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