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New It Gets Better Teaser: Little Aussie Bully Eats Concrete

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on March 15, 2011

New South Wales sits in the southeast corner of Australia, but this week the country’s most populous state is located squarely in the center of the Bullying Universe.

In a video making the rounds over the past 24 hours, we see a smaller, aggressive little fucker of a bully punch Casey Heynes in the face, unprovoked. He taunts Casey. He invites conflict. And he gets it. Casey finally snaps, and he picks up his tormentor. Then he body slams his foe to the concrete below.

Despite not being LGBT-specific, this might become the new “It Gets Better Project” teaser video.

The video’s sparked outrage because Heynes was suspended for four days from the Chifley College Dunheved Campus in St Marys North for his role in the fight, a scuffle that would certainly not have taken place had the smaller boy not walked up to Heynes and accused him of “talking shit.”

A spokeswoman for the NSW Department of Education and Training on Monday said Chifley College “does not tolerate any violence and deals with all cases according to its community-agreed discipline code,” according to the Daily Telegraph. “‘Both students in a fight at the school shown on the Internet have been suspended … the only injury sustained was a grazed knee,’ the spokeswoman said.”

But isn’t this exactly what used to be encouraged by most parents? If a bully gets in your face, don’t back down. If a bully attacks you, fight back. Wasn’t this the prescribed retribution at one time?

It’s understandable that schools don’t want bullied teens and pre-teens to take vigilante action. But in the heat of the moment, does that little shit deserve anything less than a hardcore body slam? Does he deserve anything less than to eat a face full of concrete for starting a fight with a bigger kid? There are times when you have to stand up for yourself, to stand up for what is right, to stand up for all the other kids out there who aren’t going to sit there like potted plants while some future Napoleon Complex throws rabbit punches. This, clearly, appears to be one of those times, and the world stands with Heynes today.

So maybe four days is worth it. Maybe “I’ll take four days of suspension” is the message this sends to the tormentors and bullies that inhabit our schoolyards. Let this incident be a lesson to those who prey on the weak: We’ll gladly take four days of Wii at home if it means I can fuck your shit up.

And just because the Internet is serious business, here’s this Street Fighter mash-up:

Yes, Casey Heynes, the world stands tall with you today. You did the right thing.

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