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Look Out! Mountain Biker Gets Trucked by Massive Antelope During Race in Africa

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By HVsports on October 10, 2011

Evan van der Spuy is a mountain bike racer for Team Jeep South Africa. During a recent race at Albert Falls Damn in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, van der Spuy was anticipating an eventful day.

What happens next was probably not what Evan had in mind. Check out this crazy footage which was taken by teammate Travis Walker on his GoPro Camera during the race: Van der Spuy gets absolutely trucked by a red hartebeest, which is a large antelope.

The animal just destroys the bike racer by leaping out of nowhere.

The large antelopes can weigh up to 330 pounds and stand almost five feet at the shoulders. Their top speed is around 40 mph, so it’s no wonder van der Spuy’s helmet shattered and he ended up in the hospital — fortunately with nothing more than a stiff neck.

This type of encounter would make a perfect jumping-off point for Gary Larsen’s Far Side comic strip. You can almost imagine this red hartebeest standing around bragging to his friends about the time some bike racer pedaled into his jumping path. For his part, however, van der Spuy had a pretty good sense of humor about the encounter with the African game.

Only in Africa. Crazy. Craisins.

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