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Manboobs and Marionettes: Gum Commercials Just Got a Helluva Lot Weirder

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By HVvids on July 12, 2011

This commercial for Vivident Gum, by Milan’s ad agency Selection SRL, is bizarre and creepy and hilarious enough that it will hopefully provide more nervous laughter than outright shock.

“It you like unexpected turns, you should try Vivident Blast,” says the spokesman, who then gets squashed by a whale. That’s a great unexpected turn! Attack of the Twitter fail whale.

We’re not so sure, however, we like the unexpected turn of seeing our father with protruding mammary glands or the thought of turning into a marionette (giving people the creepers since the dawn of time, but especially since that one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer , and certainly since Jeff Dunham arrived on the scene). But, hey, it works with the gum’s slogan. So there ya go. (possibly NSFW)

Does that make you want a stick of gum? Or a really cold shower?

(via adweek)

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