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Learn Some Sh!t: The United Kingdom Explained

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By HVvids on February 4, 2011

Ever see the look of anger and resentment in the eye of a Englishman when you call him “British?” Ever hear the tinge of disgust in their voices when you compliment their British accents?

While the United Kingdom is made up of four separate countries — England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland — very few people know the proper political and geographical distinctions. Then there’s the idea of the British Isles, and the far reach of the Crown. It’s bloody confusing.

So if you’ve got nothing to do for the next five minutes, learn some shit today. Leave it to C. G. P. Grey’s insightful video to explain the United Kingdom’s delightful complexity in under five minutes:

If you’re not able to watch video at work, feel free to read the full text on C. G. P. Grey’s blog.

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