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Kids Krumping at World of Dance 2011

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By HVvids on August 24, 2011

They make reality shows about everything these days. You’ve got the Kardashians and swamp fisherman in Louisiana, housewives whoring themselves in various cities across the land, 17 shows about cupcakes, singing competitions galore, Madden football players riding a bus, panhandlers in Florida, Jeremy Piven finding America’s next great glassblower, closeted GOP politicians struggling with their sexuality identity, paper salesman in Scranton, PA and only one or two of those are made up.

Somehow, krumping kids is not a reality show. But watch this video below and try to convince your neighbors that they would not be immediately sucked into a reality show of this subject matter. Doesn’t matter if it’s kids krumping in a kompetition or if it is some sort of Real World-style reality show with seven total krumping strangers living in a house where krumping gets real. Or it could even be a show about kids krumping as they race across America having to krump the entire way.

How the son from Modern Family got sucked into this shady world of underground krump fighting is beyond our guess. But we’re glad it happened.

(via videogum)

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