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It Gets Betterish: Gay Republicans and Gaga Hating

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on November 16, 2011

Being gay in middle and high school sucks. It just does. There’s the bullying, the closet, the self-hating, the feeling different, the unrequited crush, the coming out process. Okay, so It Gets Better.

But being gay as an adult is no picnic either. It just isn’t. There’s the stereotyping, the dance clubs, the body image, the glitter, the Lady Gaga, the fact that every girl thinks they’re your best friend, the call-to-action HRC emails, the politics, the discrimination. Okay, so maybe It Gets Betterish.

That’s the idea behind the hilarious, new archetype-defying project from comedians Eliot Glazer and Brent Sullivan. Not every guy who likes guys is Jack from Will & Grace or SNL‘s meth-addled Stefon. The silent majority of gay men are just dudes. Dudes who like dive bars. Dudes who aren’t Little Monsters. Dudes who don’t fit into little packages of conformity yet still enjoy other packages.

Glazer and Sullivan released the first two episodes of their brand new series on Wednesday.

Lady Gaga

Gay Republican

Glazer says the pair has nine weekly episodes of material worked out, and without giving away too much, you’re probably going to love the dance club monster twink scene in the next part.

Since the duo didn’t blast this around to every gay blog and message board on the Internets, the public feedback has been minimal. So it remains to be seen whether they’ll be applauded for their frank portrayal of most gay men or crucified as self-loathers by many LGBT’ers on the world wide web who haven’t ever shown a willingness to take a joke. In the meantime, laugh away.

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