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Icy Stairs: Potentially 2011’s Last Great Fail Video

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By HVvids on December 22, 2011

In an unknown city, the potentially last great fail video of 2011 has just been entered into the public record. On a particularly icy stretch of a public stairway, every person trying to use said stairs is taken out in a hilarious manner — like dominoes at the hands of black ice.

Fortunately for our purposes, rather than warn the pedestrians about the inherent danger of using the stairs, someone decided to whip out their iPhone and record a minute-and-a-half of schadenfreude.

Always remember to use the railings in the winter, or at least hold onto someone large. If you can’t do either, find someone smaller than you to hold onto knowing that that person will likely take the spill when crossing black ice.

It has suddenly dawned on us that “Black Ice” would make a killer name for a comic book character.

(via TheFW)

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