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I Don’t Always Quit My Job, But When I Do…

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By HVvids on October 15, 2011

…I prefer a marching band.

Joey here might not be the Most Interesting Man in the World, but he did recently pull off one of the more interesting ways to quit a job. Not too thrilled with his boss at the Renaissance Providence in Rhode Island, Joey decided to enlist the help of his bandmates in the What Cheer? Brigade.

Perhaps for his next job, Joey can apprentice for a video editor. Great concept, awesome quitting, but not exactly the tightest video you’ll see out there. Get to the goods, man!

Nonetheless, in a bad economy, when so many people are holding onto paychecks in jobs they hate, working for bosses they despise, this seems like a perfect way to go out: blaze of glory.

Still, Joey has nothing on the Taco Bell employee who put “I QUIT – ADAM, F*&K YOU :)” on the company signage out front, and he’s really far behind this Domino’s employee who woke up, got intoxicated, went to work, told irate customers to “go straddle a narwhale you chlorinated gene pool,” then smeared lava cake mix all over his face and yelled “I’m Rick James, bitch!”

If you liked that, by the way, you can also see the What Cheer? Brigade invade Times Square:

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(via Reddit)

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