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Finally, a Wedding Proposal Video for the Men Folk

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By HVvids on October 31, 2011

Wedding proposal videos on the Internet are starting to feel like zombies and Hitler. No matter how many go viral, there’s another one around the corner waiting to bite you in the face. There are wedding proposals on airplanes, outside airports, in movie theatersyou know the drill.

Here’s one that takes a decidedly male POV to the action. No, the lady doesn’t propose to the man. Instead, while most wedding proposal videos are meant to appeal to the female desire for grand sweeping gestures of romance and love, this recent proposal, unearthed by the video sleuths at Videogum, features an ending that most men hope their proposal causes.

This southern belle straight up faints (fast-forward to about 1:20).

Cute. Sure, her reaction seems a bit planned for the cameras and the surprise party she obviously knew was happening ahead of time. But what a reaction! Very Gone With the Wind-esque.

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