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Celebrate Fall’s Arrival With This Giant Pumpkin Time-Lapse

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By HVvids on September 27, 2011

Up until this very moment in the Northeast it was still really hot, muggy and gross outside. Then, something magical happened. It was like the humidity broke overnight, a coolness seeped into the air and all of a sudden it was okay to believe that autumn would actually come this year.

There is no better time than autumn, with its pumpkins and corn mazes and Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and apple picking and sweaters and corduroys and boots and kids back to school and leaves falling and football and, boy, we could honestly ramble all day about the bounty of fall’s harvest.

Well, let’s add one more thing to that list: this amazing time-lapse video of a normal pumpkin growing into a gigantic horrific pumpkin monstrosity. What do they feed pumpkins in Connecticut? Pumpkin growth hormone? This thing is akin to a time-lapse video of Barry Bonds’ head from 1992-2007.

The pumpkin, by the way, ended up clocking in at 1,487 pounds.

(via videogum)

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