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HV Exclusive: Black Bobby’s Best Kept Secrets EP

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By Larry Harris, Jr. on September 28, 2011

Yesterday was kind of a big day.

Not only was I the opening performer at Rock The Bells for the Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) reunion show in the historic Fillmore’s Jackie Gleason Theater on Miami Beach, but I also made my first ever worldwide release with my EP Black Bobby’s Best Kept Secrets. Score one for independent music.

Check out this video from the show last night from the Broward/Palm Beach New Times’ review.

Black Bobby’s Best Kept Secrets EP (my 4th project) is a nine-track collection of my work featuring beats by the Washington, DC based production team Best Kept Secret aka Flawless Tracks. The EP features dope rhymes and dope beats- straight Hip-Hop- including the lead single “Lil Ole Man” a song I wrote to highlight the story of black boys in modern society. Listen to it here:

As a DC native, I really connect with Best Kept Secret’s sound, as many of their beats are infused with my hometown’s homegrown Go-Go sound. I was a Go-Go Head before I was a Hip-Hop Head.

Go-Go is a part of Hip-Hop culture that doesn’t get enough respect. I want to work to change that. Check out this video of my favorite band the Backyard Band “crankin some of that good” Go-Go, as we native Washingtonians tend to say.

Classic songs like EU- Da Butt, Amerie- 1 Thing, Salt N Peppa- Shake Your Thang and Nelly- Hot In Here are all songs that have a heavy Go-Go influence. My songs Stunt Hard, Coming Soon (LeBron’s Ring), You Like Me and U Street Chillin are all songs paying tribute to my Go-Go heritage. The EP has 4 songs that were featured on previous releases and 5 new songs plus a bonus track. The EP is FREE but you also may feel free to pay what you want to purchase it. Please enjoy.

And other video:

If you’ve enjoyed my writing here on HyperVocal, my music, etc. please tune in tonight to my interview on ReUp Radio with Saheed & DJ Heron.

Larry Harris, Jr. is Black Bobby — an MC, libertarian political activist, social entrepreneur and the second most interesting man in the world. He lives in Miami but is originally from Washington, DC. Stunt Hard, my friends: blackbobby.com. Also, read his full HV archive HERE.

Be sure to add Black Bobby on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @iamblackbobby.

All of Black Bobby’s music can be found HERE or HERE.

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