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Around the World in 2,000 Pictures

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By HVculture on March 22, 2011

“Around the World in 2000 Pictures” is a neat project by Alex Profit — he’s the same guy that did “Around the World in 80 Seconds” — in which he takes us on a tour of Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York and London through 2,000 photographs compiled into one stop-motion video.

Yes, it’s misleading that he calls this project around the world, because, ahem, eight cities do not make the world, though he does circumnavigate the globe. So there’s that conundrum. He completed the entire project in just 24 days of shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II.

The music and transitions from one country to the next are top-notch. [via gizmodo]

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