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Aggro Swedish Chef: Secret Ingredient is Intensity…and Nutmeg

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By HVvids on January 25, 2011

For anyone who thought the Swedish Chef from the Muppets was a little too tame, check this out.

If you’re wondering what tons of snow and no sunlight makes a person do, apparently the answer is cooking lessons. Aggressive, intense, cooking lessons.

For anyone who thinks their food lacks a certain awesomeness, this video teaches you how to take Swedish ingredients and turn them into…mac and cheese with a pound of bacon on top? As long as you butter your pan with your feet it’s going to be delicious. Dinner is served, bitches:

We’re kind of scared what will happen if we don’t like it.

This is the third video out from these guys in as many weeks. Maybe if we’re really lucky the streak will continue and we can all have an intense Swedish meal every week.

Have some pre-dinner mayo, it’s delicious.

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