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51 Alternate Christian Phrases for Anal Sex

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By HVculture on December 1, 2011

ChristWire, a website dedicated to “Christian values for an Unsaved World,” is so amazingly deft at delivering religious satire that it’s often confused with the real God-fearing folk that truly believe mankind is going to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks in a hand basket.

Just take one look at its columns like “Florence + the Machine: Promoting Lesbianism and Spinsterism” and “How To Spot A Masturbator” and you’ll see why some people aren’t in on the joke. It’s carefully researched, maniacally devout and devilishly cloaked in the verbiage and parlance of real saviors.

The website has begun rolling out videos as well, and they’re just as good as the written material. In its latest episode, Bryan Blake tells us how “anal sex” is a disgusting phrase, and to help us be less vile, he suggests 51 other terms for the h-anus heinous act. Visiting Harlem? Oh my.

The video follows up on 51 words and phrases for other things, like penis and vagina:

And now back to your regularly scheduled vulgarity…

(via BuzzFeed)

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