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Your Vital Viral Videos of the Week

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By HVvids on December 17, 2010

There’s so much material churning through the series of tubes on a daily basis that it’s difficult to catch everything. That’s why we sit around in our PJs eating Funyans all day (yup, that’s why), waiting to compile the best videos of the week into one easy-to-digest post for you.

So here’s the best of the best for the week, from naked chicks catching on fire at Diddy’s party to Pope Benedict’s shirtless Christmas present to a real-life Grand Theft Auto in Moscow to Jerry Falwell and Antoine Dodson being used in the same sentence. Enjoy.

We’ll start, naturally, with our favorite: Double Dream Hands:

On Wednesday night Sean P.Diddy Combs invited 200 of his closest friends to a hotel room in New York City’s The London hotel for a celebration of his new album Last Train to Paris. While comedian Kevin Hart sat on the edge of the bathtub talking to a live UStream of the event, a naked model hangin’ out in the hotel room’s jacuzzi got a little close to a candle perched on the ledge. The result? This:

Pope Benedict XVI gets an early Christmas present: hairless, shirtless acrobats:

What roundup would be complete without that amazing footage of the roof on the Metrodome in Minnesota collapsing under the weight of a massive snowstorm? Stunning:

We often wonder how certain historical events would have been told in the digital age. How would the OJ Chase play out on Twitter and Facebook? Would you be able to check into the Rodney King riots on Foursquare? What kind of treat would it be to read a live-blog of the McCarthy Hearings? How awesome would a YouTube video of the San Francisco Earthquake be right now? Check this:

How insane are European football fans? They’ll even bring flares to…wait for it…an Under-12 match:

It’s tough to decipher what’s really going on here, though that kinda makes it more incredible to watch. Suffice it to say, Russia may have gone all Yankeebluejeans & McDonald’s since the fall of Communism, but there’s still plenty of Moscow Street Justice to be meted out from the populace.

Ladies and gentlemen, take a peek at Grand Theft Auto: Moscow Streets:

How good a year did Antoine Dodson have? Even the choir at the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University performed the Bed Intruder Song at the Christmas Coffeehouse:

Gifford Children’s Choir director Jack Senzig the good people of Racine, Wisconsin bring us the gift of the Christmas Trololo. It’s epic on its own, but click here if you want the full back-story.

Wanna see more than 23,000 teddy bears tossed onto the ice for charity after the first Calgary Hitmen goal during the 16th Annual Teddy Bear Toss hockey game? Yes, you do:

This guy doesn’t look like he’s in any condition to drive a car, let alone BASE jump. The interplay between the police officer and the jumper is just about as awesome as it gets:

Filmography 2010: All the year’s movies mashed up into one six-minute clip:

So what did we miss? Let’s see what you have to share with the class in the comments section below…

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