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[VIDEO] Meet NYC’s Sexy Greeting Card Designer Who Pole Dances During Breaks

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By HVculture on December 9, 2010

New York City is full of gimmicks. But one greeting cards store on the Lower East Side has the draw of a lifetime: a pole-dancing shop owner.

As CBS2 reports, Jill-Anne’s store doesn’t just offer greeting cards, she offers some “sex sells”-style entertainment: “I always swore to myself I would always have fun at work. I have a wonderful time with my company, but I also need mini breaks and since I don’t have a water cooler or the Starbucks around the corner, I have my pole,” Jill-Anne told CBS 2’s Magee Hickey.

The pole-dancing greeting card designer knows that in tough economic times, “female entrepreneurs must be creative and combine their passions to get ahead.” Passion, yes.

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