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Liberty’s Carol: ‘Tis The Season…To Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife

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By HVvids on December 14, 2010

The late Reverend Jerry Falwell wasn’t exactly known for his sense of humor. Just ask Larry Flynt’s lawyers about that. Nor is his Christian college, Liberty University.

But the university’s Christmas Coffeehouse this year featured perhaps the best take on Antoine Dodson and The Gregory Brother’s auto-tuned Bed Intruder Song. Watch:

Slight point deduction for the goodie-two-shoes omission of the word “rapin’,” but overall top-notch. It’s a sad state of affairs when an NYU group gets outperformed by a bunch of Falwell-ites.

As we close out 2010, is there anyone in this country who brought more joy to the eyes and ears of so many American more than Antoine Dodson?! Hide ya yule logs.

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