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Qualcomm CEO’s INSANE Keynote Address Is Only Worthwhile CES Note

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By HVvids on January 9, 2013

January’s annual Consumer Electronics Show isn’t just about showing off the latest innovations in technology (and long-distance sexing), it’s a chance to make thousands of tech bloggers sweaty under the ol’ lanyard with your company’s latest attempt at an Off Broadway spectacle.

It would be cruel to spoil the completely ridiculous non-sequitur roster of guests and deprive your jaw of the chance to hit the ground at full speed, but they range from religious archbishops to beloved children’s characters.

This Qualcomm presentation is not to be missed.

Looking more like the fever dreams of a meth-addled middle school drama coach who spends too much time in the ironic T-shirt section of Urban Outfitters and less like a presentation from a Fortune 500 corporation, this glorious debacle overshadowed whatever announcement or innovation they were supposed to be making at CES 2013.

The fine folks over at The Verge have done work worthy of a Pulitzer by breaking down the event through live tweets.

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