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Elephants! Now That’s How You Sell a Non-iPad

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By HVvids on March 27, 2012

The Viral Factory‘s new ad campaign for the Samsung Galaxy Note — you know, the crazy new smartphone-tablet hybrid that lets you draw on your photos and make cool business graphs and charts — features an elephant named Peter rockin’ out on some music apps while a pretty spokeswoman looks flabbergasted.

A Viral Factory rep writes: We have just launched this video to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note — Samsung’s smartphone / tablet hybrid which has a much bigger screen than an average smartphone. Based on the idea that “bigger is better,” and inspired by recent videos like the frog and lizard playing with smartphones, we took the Galaxy Note to Thailand and gave it to Peter the elephant. We were honestly surprised at the result.

That’s one well-trained or just plain smart elephant. Don’t believe it’s real? Check out some of the unedited footage below, featuring Peter the elephant playing drums and piano on the Galaxy Note:

Awesome, especially if you’ve never seen an elephant’s trunk being used like a thumb before. That shit is crazy. Imagine having a thumb dangling out of your mouth and using it to play on a tablet. Imagine what else you could do with a mouth thumb. Or don’t, you pervs.

That’s the way you sell a non-iPad. More elephants!


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