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Little Printer: Create Your Own Tiny Newspaper

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By HVtoys on November 30, 2011

There’s something liberating about the paperless world our smartphones have created.

But sometimes, for one reason or another, we could use a written reminder, or a printed puzzle, or a handy list. Something tangible. Something in our grasp. Having all of our information at the touch of a button on a phone screen is a great development, but what if we need to print something quick, wirelessly?

Enter BERG, an London-based design studio making cool things for cool companies. On Tuesday BERG announced the creation of the Little Printer, which “lives in your front room and scours the Web on your behalf, assembling the content you care about into designed deliveries a couple of times a day.”

You can also read about the BERG Cloud, which goes hand in hand with the Little Printer, here.

The Little Printer should be available in 2012.

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