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The Rally Point

The Rally Point

Gomez: Social Media and the Egyptian Revolt

Buzz terms like “Twitter Revolution” trend well, but social media tools are simply extensions and intensifiers of what’s happening on the streets of Egypt. Iraq war veteran Don Gomez spent a year researching social media in Egypt. This is what he found.

The Rally Point: A Veteran’s Reflection

Todd Bowers is proud of everything he has done in uniform – even knowing that it has worn on his body, mind and soul in ways that no other service to our nation can. Veterans Day has come and gone, but we need to have our veterans’ backs all year.

The Rally Point: Prisoners of the Wars

IAVA Deputy Executive Director Todd Bowers introduces you to the prisoners of the wars back home and the new program established to provide incarcerated veterans with the tools to reintegrate them back into society.

The Rally Point: The Battlefield Back Home

Rampant unemployment, an antiquated disability claims process and unprecedented suicide rates: Why the fight for our nation’s veterans is more important than ever. IAVA’s Todd Bowers takes us from one battlefield to another.