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How (and What) to Drink on Valentine’s Day

Galen of Pergamum, philosopher and father of medicine, considered the liver to be “the source of the veins and the principal instrument of sanguification.” While we know that’s physiologically inaccurate, on St. Valentine’s Day, our hearts are definitely in our livers.

How To: Be a Cheap Date (But Still Feel Fancy!)

Grrr….you broke the bank (or your man’s) again this weekend. So let’s ease the pain in your wallet next weekend. No need to sacrifice the fanciness: suggest using these fun and easy ways to save money on your next date without cramping your style.

Watch 6,810 Bottles of Wine Come Crashing Down

The collapsing 78-foot section of the shelf sent 6,810 bottles of wine and champagne crumbling to the ground. We hope they celebrated the clean-up effort by licking the floor clean and getting a wicked champagne buzz.