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Let Our Reflections on 9/11 Be Only a Brief Pause

‘We learned lessons. We forgot lessons. We searched for meaning. We blocked out pain. The country changed. The world changed. You’ve changed. I’ve changed … We should never stop learning lessons, stop changing.’

Let Our Reflections on 9/11 Be Only a Brief Pause

It’s always nice to pause and reflect, as we will this Sunday. But after that brief pause for reflection, let us also continue to process and progress. We owe it to the fallen to grow in a way that would honor and preserve their legacies as ours.

I Was New to New York When the World Exploded

“After a few hours, I reached home, sat down, drank a beer. And then the sitting began for two weeks, glued to the television. Slowly the details came, and with it a bout of depression, then a brief bout of patriotism. Both passed.”

The Pencils of Promise Family Shares 9/11 Memories

Our friends at Pencils of Promise share three disparate first-hand accounts of the events of September 11th, 2001: from a Wall Street financier who changed her life to an 8th grader in California to a little girl who wanted to watch cartoons.