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Chinese Girl Swallowed By Sidewalk Sinkhole

There’s always a certain amount of Schadenfreude that comes with the calamitous result of someone falling down while texting. But this poor teenage girl wasn’t texting when she was swallowed up by a sidewalk sinkhole in Xi’an.

Texting Girl Falls on Live Local News Report

Austerity measures are coming to Canada! The CBC says spending cuts are happening now! Eh, hell, forget all that and just watch the woman walking out of her office in the background of this live shot. Never not funny. You know it.

VIDEO: Girl Falls Into Mall Fountain While Texting

Usually we like to add some value to the videos we find around the web and post here, but this one needs literally no introduction, other than to say, now you know why lawmakers are trying to ban driving while texting. Watch out!