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Secrets of Success from The King & Queen of Pork

For the local food nut or swine savant, it’s impossible not to be inspired by John Stewart and Duskie Estes, the husband-and-wife duo who just won the Pork Olympics. Hear their secrets, and learn how to cook like them (plus helpful recipes!).

Bury Me in a Bowl of Pig Foot Jambalaya

Sam’s Good Meats challenges anyone turned off by the title of this piece to say they wouldn’t try the dish made at the end of it. Except vegetarians. They can ping @SamsGoodMeats on Twitter with complaints.

A Jew Celebrates Vietnamese St. Patrick’s Day

The sandwich you’ll see here is the “Pho” Corned Beef Banh Mi w/ Ruhlman’s Pate de Campagne, David Chang’s Momofuku Quick Pickles, Cilantro, and Yogurt-Agave-Sriracha sauce. Just look at how good this tastes. Now make your own.

The Mindful Foodist: An Introduction

Kristen Boye attempts to tackle questions from a food lover’s perspective so we can get on with our lives and enjoy a more healthy, fulfilling and pleasurable relationship with food.