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Farm to Table: An Education in French Pig

“By five minutes into the cutting session, he was cradling the pig’s brain in his hands like a delicate flower. He betrayed his professorial demeanor once, when he saw that I’d ruined a perfectly good pork shoulder roast with an errant cut. ‘My hhhroast?!'”

Cochon 555 Closing Ceremony: The Pork Olympics

“In my dream, I sit at the Cochon 555 judge’s table with only a plastic spork, and nothing I stab with it will stick. Tom Waits’ Looks Like I’m Up Sh*t Creek Again plays in the background. My screams are not heard.”

Pig Olympians: Chef Adam Sobel, The New Guy

Adam Sobel’s Yankee swagger was on display when I asked him if he had any messages to send to his competitors. “I hope they’re taking it seriously, because I’m not just the new guy, I’m here to win.”