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Third Eye Blind Still Exists, Is the 99%

The Vietnam era is so synonymous with music, politics and protest that it’s practically impossible to untangle one from the other. Even with so many great bands today, it’s hard to believe the Occupy Movement hasn’t had an anthem yet.

Just a Crazy Camel Running is All

Nessie is a camel that lives in the Arizona desert. Nessie loves to run. Have you ever seen a camel run? It’s pretty funny if this video by Camel and Friends is any indication for how camels run.

Go Type “Do a Barrel Roll” Into Google Search

We’re pretending that Star Fox was the game Sergey Brin and Larry Page used to play while ripping bong hits in their Stanford dorm room and dreaming up Google. Either way, type “do a barrel roll” into Google and see what’s what.

Everyday This House is Shufflin’ for Halloween

A house in Riverside, California, does it up for Halloween with a lights-and-music spectacular the way other houses do it up for Christmas. Could you imagine how awful it must be to live next to this house during Halloween season?