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Daniel Tosh’s Unaired Super Bowl XLV Commercial

You’ve no doubt seen the Morgan Freeman-narrated Visa Card commercial for the four selfish old dudes who are constantly missing big events in their family’s lives to see the Super Bowl live in person. Daniel Tosh has an ad just for them.

It’s On: Super Bowl XLV Open Thread

A hyper-partisan nation will come together to watch the 45th annual Super Bowl. Estimates say nearly 100 million Americans will tune into the game, and six percent of Americans will call in sick on Monday. This is your open thread.

Aquilino: Why Dan Dierdorf Makes Me Hurt Inside

The network sportscaster, and the iconic voices of yesteryear that live in so many middle-aged fans’ hearts and minds, is dead…or at least dated. CJ Aquilino breaks down why sportscasters suck so badly and what can be done about it.