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Obama & Jimmy Fallon Slow-Jam the News

President Obama appeared on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday night to discuss his plan to freeze student loans. But this wasn’t your everyday speech. It was a bit …groovier. Jazzy jams for the win.

How to Cure Your Tax Hives

It’s that time again! You dread it, can’t stand it and are seriously coming down with tax fever. And no, in this case it can’t be cured with shopping. But thanks to our five tips, it CAN be easily managed.

Sallie Mae Sued, Chairman Drops F-Bombs

SLM Corporation, the student loan provider commonly known as Sallie Mae, is in trouble. It’s facing a lawsuit. No doubt the chairman of the company is dropping some serious F Bombs, like he did on a classic investor call back in 2007. Transport with us.

Occupy Student Debt!

A debtors strike could be global and have enormous ramifications. Financial institutions will only respond to threats against their capital. Otherwise, they will continue to turn more of us into indebted, jobless nothings. Take the pledge.

Debunking 3 Pieces of “Financial Expert” Advice

Feel like Charlie Brown listening to financial advice? These “experts” tell you things that just aren’t true. Media Superstar Nicole Lapin is working for you, and she debunks three pieces of typical tips from financial experts that don’t know what they’re saying.

“We Are the 24 Percent”

It is a sad day when you receive letters from children who are worried and aware of the student lending crisis. The next time you hear a politician’s platitudinous remarks about the future, about investing in children, remember these letters.