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The Pork Smuggler

I can’t say this was the first time I’d been stopped at airport security because there was too much sausage in my carry-on. I bagged that honor in 2007 when TSA’s hackles went up because I had too many links of Salumi’s finnociona in my luggage.

Sausage That Won’t Kill You Only Makes You Stronger

Only someone completely out of their mind with sausage dementia would write something that dramatic about throwing home cured spanish chorizo away. But what can I say? Pimenton de la vera (smoked paprika), garlic, spices, and pork shoulder make up the highest form of charcuterie for me. There may not be a food in the world I like more.

Pancetta, Meet Smokey Pork Ribs

They walk into a house in the middle of Washington, DC, and the nutjob who owns it has pork everywhere. The freezer full of vac sealed sausage. The wine fridge with struggling chorizo. The pancetta in the rafters. The hams hanging in the shed. And the pork ribs.

Ruminations, Reminiscenses, Ribs

I fackin love pork ribs. I grew up in Kansas City, where barbecue is a spiritual movement whose manna is ribs (burnt ends, maybe, but not for this post).

My Charcutepalooza Began on the Farm

What followed wasn’t exactly the experience I was looking for – I didn’t get to participate in the slaughter – but I got some grit under my nails during a 12-hour day breaking down four pig carcasses with a salt-of-the-earth cast of characters. They gave me the job of cutting back fat to process into lard. Four 200+ pound Ossabaw mix hogs have A LOT of back fat, but I was happy as those pigs must’ve been in sh*t.