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Hey, DC Housing Market, Yer Killin’ Me!

Washington DC has the highest performing housing market in the country. What does that mean exactly? And what does it mean for Sarah English, who is currently looking for a place to live? Should she be rooting for a downturn?!

Why Go Local?

We’ve got to open our eyes and see what’s right in front of us. Join me on my quest for weird news, interesting people and forgotten destinations in the DC area. Explore your community and learn to love it, or at least find out why you hate it.

Nothing Welcomes You Back to America Like a Bacon Sundae

Denny’s brags that “bacon makes a classic ice cream sundae even more awesome.” The sundae is made of two layers of vanilla ice cream and maple syrup, with two “generous sprinkles” of hickory-smoked bacon atop each layer. Only in America, folks.

Wait, We’re Still Hitting Kids in School?

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez this week signed a bill outlawing corporal punishment in public schools. But New Mexico isn’t the last of its kind — in the year 2011, 19 other states still permit teachers to dole out slaps and blows. Really?

English: Little Bit of Honest Lying

Ever feel chained to your camera when you’re traveling? Ever consider what we’ve lost through our habit of incessantly snapping photos? Sarah English discusses the old-fashioned way of capturing moments in her memory instead of her memory card.

Alone in the Dark: Being Aware But Not Afraid

Is the idea of a woman walking home alone in the night a uniquely American phenomenon? Sarah English walks the French streets after dark with fear preceding reason. Her foreign friends, however, are offended by the thought of an escort.