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Food Trade Shows: Overwhelming, Terrifying & Delicious

Gazing out over an endless cattle pen teeming with fixers, hawkers, and nibblers, our Man of Little Restraint entertained a moment of doubt about whether he was going to survive the 2011 Fancy Foods Show. Eight steps in, his mouth was already full.

Secrets of Success from The King & Queen of Pork

For the local food nut or swine savant, it’s impossible not to be inspired by John Stewart and Duskie Estes, the husband-and-wife duo who just won the Pork Olympics. Hear their secrets, and learn how to cook like them (plus helpful recipes!).

Jazz Fe(a)st: Someone Get Me a Wheelchair

Then you look down and there, cupped like magic beans in your hands, is a pepper sauce-dressed pile of pulled pork from a wood-roasted suckling pig. It’s your bachelor party at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, aka Jazz Fe(a)st.