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PoP Sister School Program – Remember Pen Pals?

Thirty-nine schools completed. Twelve ongoing builds. Eight schools in planning stages. More than 1,000 students enrolled in Pencils of Promise schools abroad, and 800,000+ hours of education delivered. But it’s getting even better. Here’s why.

Thre.ad: A Step Ahead of the Industry

A void exists in the world of fashion, and it is beckoning for a solution from our global society — a solution from people and their inspirations. Mimi Nguyen’s latest undertaking, Thre.ad, may be that solution. Jack Reilly takes us inside the start-up world.

ELEW Kills It at DC Party of the Millennium

Rockjazz pianist ELEW played for President Barack Obama, Will Smith, Magic Johnson and other members of the Hollywood elite just two weeks ago. There was only one way to top that crowd: playing HyperVocal’s first DC soiree.

The Pencils of Promise Family Shares 9/11 Memories

Our friends at Pencils of Promise share three disparate first-hand accounts of the events of September 11th, 2001: from a Wall Street financier who changed her life to an 8th grader in California to a little girl who wanted to watch cartoons.