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Everyone Loves a [Giants] Parade

This is what sports is all about. This is the thrill of victory. Three men armed with high-def cameras managed to find and highlight the New York Giants superfans who had a magnificent day at the parade in New York City on Tuesday.

The Super Bowl According to Taiwanese Animators

To hear the devilishly awesome NMA.TV tell it, God hates the Patriots and a Lady Gaga impersonator came out in a walker and did the halftime show. As usual, this is completely bizarre, technically inaccurate and enticingly must-see.

How Not to Be ‘That Guy’ at Your Super Bowl Party

The dudes who brought you Shit Nobody Says is back with a damn funny pre–Super Bowl video on the all-important concept of game-day etiquette. This means no playing banjo in a Speedo, no Googling random facts, no throwing bowls …