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10 Photos That Seriously Need an Explanation

Let’s call these the lesser-known great mysteries of the universe. How did this school bus get on top of a building? Who is responsible for this cannibalistic baked-beans ad? And, um, people clean shopping carts, right?

¡Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Ad!

Ferris Bueller? He’s back? It’s been about 26 years since we’ve checked in with America’s favorite truant, but it looks like Matthew Broderick will be reprising his role for a Super Bowl ad. Is it for Honda? Or is it for Abe Froman brand sausage?

Tuba Thefts Plague Los Angeles High Schools

Marching band tubas have been stolen from several high schools, and authorities have no leads on the unsolved crimes. Authorities think there is a black market for tubas; even used ones fetch $2,000.