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The Social Chokehold: In a Relationship…With Facebook

Winter Olympian Blake Skjellerup admits he’s a man in a relationship with a social networking site. But he’s vowing not to end up like that guy who married his pillow. From now on, he won’t check every beep, bling and bop that comes out of his phone.

Ask A Gringo: The Best of 2010!

Every week HV Immigrant Helper Kenny Kaplan doles out helpful advice to those who want to assimilate into the melting pot. This week, no questions, just two Top 10 Lists featuring the best of 2010, broken up into Gringos and Non-Gringos.

Social Studies: “Liking” Movie Easier Than Protaganist

The Social Network is much easier to “like” than its protagonist. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is depicted as a man smart enough to see everything but his own weaknesses. Unlike the world’s youngest billionaire, however, David Fincher’s masterpiece is flawless.