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Celebrities Read Bad Tweets About Themselves

Between Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, late-night television is cranking out some of the best sketches and characters ever (settle down, dads; yeah, we know, Johnny Carson was indeed epic). This is the latest in comedy gold.

Fallon Channels Vedder for “Jeremy (Lin)”

Jimmy Fallon leaves no impression unturned. On the same night the Jeremy Lin Show took its turnovers to South Beach, the accidental late-night king broke out his Eddie Vedder for a sketch. This dude can really do no wrong.

The Real Problem with Saturday Night Live

How Saturday’s “Coach Bert” pedophilia sketch highlights why SNL sucks these days. It’s hard to imagine a world in which SNL doesn’t exist. But it’s even harder to imagine a world in which SNL is funny, timely and relevant.