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Tenacious D Is Back: Six Minutes of Awesome

The D went its separate ways after the 2006 movie bombed. JB became super-famous and had good times with Val Kilmer, while KG became insane and grew a big beard. Would the D ever reunite? Your answer, here.

VIDEO: Groban/Kimmel Get In On Kanye Tweets Game

First Kanye West’s sanity-challenged tweets inspired New Yorker cartoon parodies. Then they inspired small children to re-enact them. Now Jimmy Kimmel and Josh Groban want in on the Kanye action. Who’s up next in this increasingly derivative game?

Liner Notes: A Christmas Song Breakdown Spectacular

Is “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” about blue balls or date rape? What’s up with Bono’s power-mullet in “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” What motivated John Lennon to write “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”? J Freitag breaks all the Christmas songs down for you.